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Jan 17, 2013 5:00am PST
to nominate cheryl brinkman? >> any other nominations, seeing none, we can take them both together? >> yes. and you should inquire as to whether or not members of the public would like to comment. all those in favor of electricking tom nolan chair and cheryl brinkman vice-chair? aye. >> the ayes have it, so order. look forward to a good year. thank you on airplane, 2012 he returned to enforcement as a pco supervisor. supervisor cal calgaro is well-liked and respected by his colleagues and leads by examplele and is positive in his interactions with the public. on october 31, 2012, the day of the giant's world series parade a citizen brought to his attention that a man was attempting to slash people with a pair of scissors near grove and larkin. he asked the citizen to point out the suspect, and notified our dispatch, so the police came and apprehended the suspect as soon as possible. he also asked the witness to stay, so that he can provide a detailed description of the suspect. because of his actions the dangerous individual was apprehended and a complete account was given to law enforcem
Jan 1, 2013 11:00am PST
or fisherman's wharf in the future. is that correct? >> i believe, director brinkman, you're referring to option 3. >> yes. >> the benefits of option 3, it does allow the construction of 3,000 feet of critical thank youerctionv that could make the possibility of an extension be real. >> right. >> the downside of option 3 is that in order to accommodate for north beach station, you would -- the likelihood would be that you would have to remove these machines, which would be from a difficult operation in the future. we're currently looking at, though, to look at ways of perhaps diverting the machines, kind of off the path so that would either minimize or, you know, prevent the need to remove these machines. >> and normally when you use a tunnel boring machine at the end of the project, that tunnel boring machine comes out and it i guess goes onto another project somewhere to dig again? >> yes. typically these machines have a useful life. the particular machine that's being used to construct the central subway are brand-new machines. so, they have a significant -- quite a bit of useful li
Jan 16, 2013 2:00am PST
>> other members of the board? director brinkman? >> on 6 we have it noted that we'll review opportunities for pilot programs. i know the speed cameras are in the pedestrian strategy, which i believe we're going to be discussing at the workshop. so that would probably be a good time for us to get into that a little more. we have had success at masonic with the left-turn camera and we'll get at market and octavia a right-turn? >> any turn. >> any right turn on this freeway. i just think if we're going to pursue a pilot opportunity for speed cameras i would like to see us aim a little higher. i think that is something that we'd have to have a discussion as a board, not just in school zones. it's great. we have got the 50 miles per hour speed limits in the school zones. i would love to see that 5 miles 15 miles per hour speed limit enforced by cameras and keep not just the kids, but every other citizen safe from speeding cars by maybe consider expanding that to haves with bike and pedestrian trafficks, libraries, parks, streets around parks. so if this is a good opportunity
Jan 1, 2013 10:00am PST
bridget. >> brinkman? >> present. >> director heinicke is anticipated. director lee? >> present. >> director nolan? present. rib key present. mr. chairman, directors, you have a quorum. announcement of produce sound producing devices during the meeting please be advised the ringing of cell phones, pagers and other similar sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off in the meeting may be asked to leave the room. and please know that cell phones that are put on the vibrate position do cause microphone interference so the board respectfully request they be placed in the off tion position. full approval of the minutes of november 20, 2012 regular meeting. >> motion. >> second. >> all in favor say aye? >> aye. >> so ordered. >> item 5, communications. >> okay. ms. boomer, on this one, members of the board, because there are two issues today there are not going to be a whole lot of people. what i'd like to do is to begin with asking a question of the people in the audience here today, how many people want to speak on the f
Jan 1, 2013 11:30am PST
that was raised earlier today by director brinkman, and that is comparing union square with north beach. i think the difference only there is the businesses there are very largement many of them are chains that have support and finance from their chinese. so, the people in north beach, the businesses in particular, are much more concerned about the possible effects in their neighborhood. and, of course, we're not scheduled for a subway stop. that's another difference. >> thank you, mr. bruno. thank you for your time. next speaker. >>> [speaker not understood] more land, graziano [speaker not understood], [speaker not understood]. >> good afternoon. >>> good afternoon, director rifkin and fellow board members. i'm currently the president of russian hill neighbors, and we represent over 600 households and merchants. and at our recent meeting that ended at 9 o'clock last night, our board of directors with 30 people -- we have a very large board of directors -- unanimously voted to support option 4 at the pagoda theater. it is rare that 30 people agree, especially the 30 people with whom i'm involve
Jan 9, 2013 1:30pm PST
it on stockton? >> director brinkman, the proposed construction work or retrieval shaft on columbus is quite a bit less in terms of scope than the work at any of the other three sites along the central subway. the mitigation measures that we've successfully deployed at these sites would hold true in north beach. we have the ability to have good representation from a parking control officers who have the ability to control the signal lights to flesh through intersection to prevent back ups. we keep the sites very clean and comply with the city's noise and dust ordinances. and that's continually monitored. pressure washing of the sidewalks so that pedestrians don't have to deal with any intended dirt and debris, just keeping job site cleanliness and safety. those measures were -- we've successfully deployed for the utility work since we've been up there since august of this year and it's been quite successful. but the work that will be occurring in 2013 is more disruptive than what the community actually experienced from the summer till present day. the relocation, utility relocation work remo
Jan 2, 2013 7:00am EST
can put a package like this together with a little bit less drama. a little less brinkman ship. we can come together as democrats and republicans. >> despite the agreement, another battle is looming. in february, congress will have to decide on raising the country's borrowing limit. another hot button issue, the payroll tax. this is the money you pay towards social security. the rate will go back up to 6.2% up from 4.2%. that means the average household earning $50,000 a year will see $1,000 less in their paychecks each year. and $110,000 a year they will see $2200 less each year. that could trigger a slower growth period for the u.s. economy. >> for more on the back and forth that led to the final compromise and what's in store for the next congress, we turn to democrat strategist peter fenn. good to see you. and republican strategist jordan liebermann. happy new year to you. let's start with where we are today. peter, let me ask you what kind of fight was this in the wee hours to get this thing passed? >> it's a pretty tough fight allison and a lot of people thought once erik canter
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)